Our cosmetics from PERI Cosmetics are manufactured in Germany. This ensures not only short distances but also quality - because all our perifee cosmetic products are NATRUE certified.

In recent years, the topic of "natural products" and "organic" quality has become increasingly important for all of us. This also applies to cosmetic products, especially when it comes to our children.

We pay more and more attention to our precious environment and want to live close to nature. In the case of food, organic quality is guaranteed by established EU regulations. This kind of quality assurance has been missing in the cosmetics industry. There is no official, harmonized rule or parameter for the definition of natural and organic cosmetics.

For this reason, we have decided to have all our products certified by the world-renowned NATRUE seal. The health of our children and the preservation of our planet is a matter of the heart for us. The NATRUE label sets strict requirements for natural and organic cosmetics, especially in terms of formulation and packaging - like no other organization. In this way, we avoid greenwashing and assure transparency and quality.

For more information about the NATRUE seal, visit NATRUE.ORG.

The NATRUE seal is not the end of the story for us! All perifee cosmetic products are vegan, microplastic-free and dermatologically tested. The EYESHADOW is additionally ophthalmologically tested.