PERI Cosmetics is the brand for exclusive, high-quality, certified natural cosmetics "Lovingly made in Germany".

My name is Banu, I am a manager and mother of two children, a son and a daughter. She loves to express herself freely and does not stop at my makeup. Unfortunately, this was and is not suitable for children, so we did not allow her to use it.

This gave rise to the idea of developing child-friendly cosmetics that my daughter and her friends could use at any time, independently and without a guilty conscience.

After many months of research, planning, sleepless nights and time-consuming product development, PERI Cosmetics GmbH was born in June 2021 - named after my daughter Peri Hanna Pitzer.

I believe that every child is allowed to develop creatively as he or she pleases, with a lot of heart and a lot of joy. This is also how my products were created: with the utmost care and very much attention to detail in every phase of development: LOVINGLY made in Germany!

I hope that the love I put into each product will also reach your child and that it will bring him as much joy and fun as my daughter and I do.

You can read even more about our brand philosophy here read about it.