PERI Cosmetics ushers in a new era of children's make-up.

We want to give children the opportunity to develop creatively in an increasingly sterile society, to build up the necessary self-confidence and to make the anger about mom's used make-up disappear.

Many children associate make-up, styling and grooming with individuality and their own style, and at the same time it gives them a sense of belonging to society or to a group (parents/family/friends). They especially like to be influenced by their older siblings, other girls, boys, parents or people they admire. However, regular make-up products, for these very groups of people, are not designed for children's delicate skin.

From this claim we develop our first natural make-up for children.

With the perifee cosmetics, which are 100% developed and produced in Germany, we underline the special quality standard of our product, which is specially designed for children's skin and the needs of the little ones.

The special formula is confirmed by the international NATRUE certificate. In addition, the dermatological and ophthalmological tests (eye compatibility tests) assure the very good skin compatibility.

The special feature of perifee by PERI Cosmetics

Finally, there is a product for children with which they can apply make-up and live out their creativity without us parents having to worry about removing the make-up and skin compatibility.

Because the needs and safety of children is PERI Cosmetics' top priority - today and in the future:

  • No powdery substances that could be inhaled.
  • No chemicals that could cause allergies or skin irritation.
  • No harsh substances, such as acetol, may be needed for makeup removal.
  • To also be able to guarantee microplastic-free, we have deliberately avoided glitter. Nature brings so much glitter that we can get our shimmer effects completely from it!
  • The smell of children is unique and beautiful, we do not want to trump it and introduce them to an artificial world. Our EYESHADOWS and ROUGE are therefore 100% fragrance free. Our LIP BALM contains a light tone of natural aromas that make it more comfortable for children to apply, but not stand out.

These features are rounded off by a very sophisticated design of the jars, which should not break at the first drop and is understandable in daily use even for children who can not yet read. Through the design of the faces on the jar lids, the child independently recognizes which product it is holding in its hands and how it should be applied.